Southern Italy, Amalfi

This one’s spread over a pretty wide area. It starts on Lake Garda, which is absolutely stunning and an adventure destination of note.

A couple of days to recuperate and prepare for a massive train trip from Northern Italy to the South, Brindisi. This marks the end of bigger-picture-part 1: 6 weeks of climbing and transiting between climbs. Leisure from here on…

The holiday-in-a-holiday is up next, when Elizabeth Hulse will be joining me for two weeks in Greece, doing island hopping and contributing to the economical revival of the dream that was EUROPE (through our hard-earned Rands…irony, sir).

I don’t even want to think beyond this yet, but allora, here goes. Landing back in Italy at Brindisi, I’ll make my way further South to curl around the heel and back up towards the Amalfi coast. For those not yet initiated, here it is:

(Image from Travcoa)

I’m likely to pop into Pompeii on the way (since it is there).

Here’s an overview of the map:

Link to the map:…

Dream, build, ride, repeat