Tuscany, Strada Bianche and Camogli

For the last part, I’ve actually done very little planning. Heading up the shin-side of Italy, I go as far as Naples, before catching a train to Florence.

Two days of rest and recovery here, before going back down South just a little bit. This to get to Siena, more of the less in the centre of the‪#‎stradabianche‬ bike race route.

Yessssss! I will not be racing though, but taking an easy couple of days to clover-leaf out of Sienna to take in part of the route. What makes it awesome, is that 1) The route is available online in GPX format and 2) Part of it is in white gravel (hence the name – white road/s). Delightful, especially with uno tafolo di vino rosso on the side.

This should take care of my desire for Tuscany. Further North, then. To Camogli. This seaside town has significant meaning to me, having set the scene for my proposal to marry my beautiful wife Elizabeth Hulse.

Things will start wrapping up rapidly from here – getting to Genoa, from where another train will be waiting to whisk me away to Milan and Malpensa airport.

And the link for all you eager geeks: https://drive.google.com/open…

Dream, build, ride, repeat