Ventoux and Alpe D’Huez

During part B, things get serious: My first train trip with the bike (nothing like figuring out a new transport system in a foreign language). There are in fact two big train transits: one as I leave the Pyrenees to get to Mont Ventoux and another as I head for the French Alps near Gap. You can spot these as the big gaps between the route sections.

Admin aside, I’m also ticking some BIG climbing bucket list items: Mont Ventoux, Alpe D’Huez.

(image from 445 Cycling Tours)

Alpe D’Huez is spectacular and a brutal challenge. I guess what I look forward to even more than riding it, is exploring the back roads from the top to find a quiet, gravel way down to the valley floor. GoogleEarth says it exists and beckons…

(image from Leslie Wong)

Here’s the Google Maps route for this section:…

Dream, build, ride, repeat