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Hi there! My name is Dewald Oppermann.

When I’m not at work, I’m constantly looking for ways to scratch a travel itch. To this end, I’ve travelled to many countries, using almost all modes of travel:

  • By foot: Backpacking/hitch-hiking Southern Africa, Hong Kong
  • By motorbike: Southern Africa, France, Italy, Spain
  • By bicycle: South Africa, Italy
  • By car: New Zealand

This shot taken on a recent motorbike trip through Lesotho captures the essence of this side of me rather well:


I’ve realised that I favour independent travel. That is, being able to arrange the trip myself and not as a “package deal”, to buy food and drink where the locals go and, generally, just being “in the frame”.

I’ll be using this blog to reflect on my travel experiences as they happen, but also share my insights about myself, people, places and products.

Sadly, I do still need to hold a day job to make travelling a reality…

I’m a project manager by profession, specializing in the technology and Supply Chain fields. I work for Resolve Solution Partners, a Johannesburg-based, South African company part of the Imperial Group. In this role, I look like this:


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